Asterisk FastAGI with PHP

Lately I’ve been involved in some work projects related to Asterisk.
I had the opportunity to play with the Asterisk Gateway Interface (AGI) to see what can be done with it.

In a few words, it allows you to execute scripts on an action (eg: a user calling an extension), that will interact with other systems (eg: retrieve information from a database and store other input data) and trigger other actions.

First of all, given that I’m more familiar with PHP than Perl, I looked around for libraries that can interact with my loved PHP.
You can get a lot of useful information at, being more specific at:
This will help you understand what can and cannot be done…

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2009 Australian Open Canoeing

Today in Penrith (Sydney) there was the 2009 Australian Open of Canoeing.

I went there to see my friend Daniele Molmenti in his sport performance. Once again he proved to be a strong athlete, a champion, arriving first in the semifinal as well as in the final of this international competition.

It is the first time I’ve seen him live since the TV broadcast of the Beijing 2008 Olympic games.

I can say that I felt excitement and also a bit of pressure watching his race. Yes it was really cool to follow his achievements also for just one day, running around with my camera, trying to get the right shot for him.

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