Cloud – One step closer – DNS migration

What about… moving to the cloud?

It all started more than five years ago, using SugarCRM for managing customer relationships.
Then it was immediately time to migrate to Google Apps from the dodgy local mail server sitting inside the office on a dark corner.
After that, it was the turn of the accounting software: Saasu, an online accounting suite.

I have decided I’m now over maintaining multiple Name Servers around the world, and I just need something I do not need to worry much about.
Something with the infrastructure-as-a-service model.

Now it is the turn of my DNS to be cloud based.

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iCalendar / vCalendar meeting invitation

Probably everybody is familiar with the calendar event invite features?

If you use Microsoft Windows (with Outlook) or Mac OSX (with iCal) or just a basic browser with a GMail account and you use the calendar functionality, you would have realized, that every time you get invited or invite someone to an event, you get a basic email, that adds the recipient to the calendar event.

I had to write an invitation tool that was cross compatible between different platforms and integrated with SugarCRM for a customer of InsightfulCRM (Australian SugarCRM Gold Partner) where I work.

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Integration between SugarCRM and Perl using SOAP

I’ve been developing SugarCRM solutions for a while now at InsightfulCRM (Fonality Pty Ltd) and I never really got into interacting through SOAP with languages other than PHP until today.


There are some tutorials and documentation on SugarCRM Wiki website about it, but not really for Perl, that is the programming language I’ve chosen today.

I’m not a “rockstar” with Perl but let’s figure this out :)

First of all why Perl?
The main reason is: you get Perl with your Linux box, without mucking around too much, in any Linux distribution and doesn’t really need too much software around it. It is multi platform and it has his own package manager (CPAN) to install other components.
This is all that’s needed to get started!

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