CRM, SugarCRM and a RESTful integration

At InsightfulCRM I have been involved with SugarCRM projects of various sizes for quite few years, and I was recently asked to present at the Sydney PHP Meetup group about SugarCRM and REST integration.

Let me share the presentation I prepared for the Meetup on my blog as well:

To give you an overview, the presentation starts with an introduction about CRM and why businesses that do not have a CRM strategy should definitely consider implementing one.

Then it goes into more details about SugarCRM and the Social CRM aspect of the product. The product integrates with the most known social media and collaboration tools out there (like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, IBM Connections, Google Docs, WebEx, GoToMeeting and many many more)

The presentation then goes into more technical aspects with the SugarCRM customisation possibilities and some of the framework structures.

The final step of the presentation is a real world scenario integration for a non existent hosting company (called between the company’s website and a couple of SugarCRM modules.

The website is based on a Codeigniter + Bootstrap and integrates with SugarCRM via the SugarCRM REST API in 2 different ways, using SugarCRM CE not only as a CRM system, but as a development platform as well.

You can get the source code used during the presentation and some instructions on how to install it, on this GitHub repository.

Let me know your feedback!

2 thoughts on “CRM, SugarCRM and a RESTful integration”

  1. A good introduction to SugarCrm integration. CodeIgniter would be a good choice as a framework. I chose Yii as I had heard a lot about it. It’s worth a look.

  2. Thank you for your feedback Greg!

    I started using Yii months ago and I am actually using it for one of my websites. I love the lazy loading concept and its super fast performance but I feel that it has quite a steep learning curve, what do you think?

    For this demo I actually found Codeigniter much quicker to get things done, probably just because I used it for many more projects than Yii…

    I guess it all depends on what you need to achieve and the time frame available ;)

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